Massive Opportunity for Local Media Will Make You More Profitable Serving Business w $1M+ in Revenue - According to Borrell Associates

Last Updated 5/26/2022In Publisher Sales

Local media businesses such as magazines, newspapers, and radio stations have a huge opportunity to add value to advertisers that too few take advantage of.

As Borrell Associates just shared in Episode 20 of their Local Marketing Minute video series, 68% of large local businesses that are novice marketers want to me with local media reps in person... these businesses are classified as doing over $1 million per year in revenue.

A marketing department for your advertisers

More than that, many want you to add as their marketing department.

Local businesses trust your insights and knowledge on marketing and would like to get more out of their relationship with you - specifically, they'd like you to help them with more of their marketing.

It's critical you understand local marketing not just local advertising, our book Marketing 3-4-5™: The Business Owner's Guide to Effective Local Marketing in 15-Minutes or Less is a great start.

Beyond that, offering digital services can dramatically improve your profitability while delivering more value and protecting your relationships.

Fulfilling on digital services may be beyond the scope of your business but not beyond the scope of your relationships, Locable's Partner Program enables you to become a marketing agency and could be a great fit for you and your advertisers.

For those of you using our Community Content Engine to power your media site, as businesses use our marketing software to promote themselves, things like their events on their website automatically will appear in your calendar on your website. More content for you and more reach for them.

Monetize Digital & Grow Your Audience

See real-world examples you can implement today!

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