Community Sponsorship Feature Enables Local Publisher to Monetize Their Website and Recognize Local Leaders - Product Announcement

Last Updated 12/16/2021Posted in Product Announcements

Turning your website into a profit center is something every local publisher wants but few effectively execute. With our Community Content Engine, the number of ways you can monetize your website and digital activities are growing.

Community Sponsorships are a great way to recognize local leaders while driving recurring digital revenue for your business. Best of all, this multi-pronged package is high value even on small sites.

Our new Community Sponsorship feature enables you to quickly mark a business as a sponsor and recognize them throughout your website and on your homepage.

Best of all, it's built on top of our powerful Directory which enables you to reuse and repurpose information while driving more traffic and click-throughs to listings.

Reward your existing advertisers with a great package to recognize their local contributions and start growing your revenue. With this foundation in place, you're able to invest in audience and traffic growth while being profitable from go.

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