Guaranteed Press Release Revenue for Local Media

Earn $300-5000/yr - Guaranteed - by hosting national press releases from your local media website

Automated recurring revenue for content producers

Local media companies have a great opportunity to host national press releases on their website and earn recurring annual revenue.

Locable Publisher Network has developed a partner relationship to bring new revenue to local media companies in the US and this webinar will address the key points of this opportunity.

This is a zero-effort activity, we'll do the legwork. Above is an example of how it would look on your site and then link out to the Press Releases.

Important things to know:

  • All local media is eligible however sites that post frequently i.e. daily earn more revenue
  • There are no traffic minimums
  • We handle all setup at no cost to you, then the process is automated
  • You can participate with ANY content management system i.e. you don't have to use our platform
  • Earn guaranteed revenue and annual bonuses
  • Sites are graded quarterly for potential inclusion
  • This program opens new opportunities for revenue from local advertisers and sponsors

Complete our brief intake form below to take advantage of this novel opportunity for local publishers.

Watch our brief program overview webinar

Watch the 30-min Webinar