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The local newspaper business has continued to evolve with the rest of the world. We're here to help you take advantage of new opportunities while avoiding mistakes.

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Technology & Guidance to Guide You to Success

Technology to Multiply Your Efforts

We're here to help you grow engagement, rank higher on Google, and get more out of social media.

Local news is a terrific foundation to build a community resource online that delivers value so you can build a profitable media that lasts. Supplemental resources help you drive traffic via social media and is an easy place to feature "online exclusive" articles, local interest stories, a robust calendar with reverse publishing capability and more.

We want to make technology and print work with one another, not against. 

Your Own Playbook Built for Small Publishing Teams

Use it to leverage print and digital to amplify your brand.

Let's face it, print isn't dying but print only businesses are. It's important that all of your assets are working together rather than competing with each other for your team's attention.

When done right, print grows digital and digital grows print.

Monetize Digital & Grow Your Audience

See real-world examples you can implement today!

Deliver More Value to Readers and Advertisers

Creating value is about local stories and connections, regardless of the medium.

Advertisers never wanted to buy ads, they want to reach people so they can sell products or services. Likewise, readers didn't want paper they wanted a way to connect locally and do so in a compelling experience. 

Print and digital are both deliver their own value to readers and advertisers.

"Great personalized support and easy to learn tools that would take hiring multiple [people] to do the same amount of output. Has taken our digital platform to a new level as a historically print publication." - Michael Lehrman, Natural Awakenings New York

Class-Defining Technology

Simple yet powerful. Our Community Content Engine is the most efficient website/CMS platform for powering local community websites with a focus on features that help you drive revenue.

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Top-Notch Support & Community

Membership means being part of a larger community that shares ideas and includes access to the guidance and resources you need to grow revenue, traffic, and engagement. 

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Product, Digital Fulfillment & 1-On-1 Training or Benefit Title

We can complement your team. Available services include in-depth sales training, our full-service Publisher Concierge program, digital services reseller program & more.

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