Import Events from Local Business Calendars Automatically (Announcement + Video)

Last Updated 2/21/2022Posted in Community Content Engine, featured

Locable Publisher Network's content management system for local media companies has always enabled user-generated content however the majority of local event producers simply don't post to local media sites - they don't know they can, they forget, they post and then the event changes and they forget to update it... you name it.

Now, Locable Publisher Network powered website community calendars automatically pull in local events from participating local businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Main Street Associations, and more!

These local organizations can use Locable's free events calendar feature on their own website and have their events appear on your website too - plus Google My Business and other places.

More content makes your site more resourceful and attractive to readers which makes it more valuable for advertisers and there are a lot of ways to monetize your website while growing your audience in the process.

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Video Transcript

This is an exciting time at Locable with both our marketing platform and our publisher platform.

We've been powering publisher websites for over a decade, which is incredible to say, and more recently we introduced a marketing platform that provides small businesses with a lot of tools. For the purpose of this video the most notable is a free calendar they can use on their own website for their own events.

Well, now when a business uses our calendar to post events to their own website it also pushes events and their business information into our publisher network database. This means, a business can post to their website have it appear on their website, their local publisher's website, if they sync with Google My Business then Google My Business.

It really is an exciting time - for the businesses so they can reach more people and for you as a publisher, it's easier, automated, to get more resourceful content on your website for your visitors.

So as a publisher, you can go out and you can encourage nonprofits and businesses and others to use Locable's free calendar and say, "by the way, it'll show up in our calendar." And, oh by the way, if you're a print publisher and you use our event export feature to highlight events in print - now something they post to their own website might end up in your print magazine which is pretty amazing and high value for them.

Here's a real quick example of how this works my home church in Folsom, California. You can see this event lives on their website, it's a vacation bible school, and because it was published and they're in proximity to Style Magazine as I scroll down you can see Destination Dig lives here. As I click into that, you can see the actual event with all of the same information from one site to another and this can be shared, this can be promoted, it can be distributed to email.

All of these things it gives a publisher more content, it gives the business or in this case the nonprofit more value, and oh by the way as businesses use Locable's free tools - whether you have a relationship with them or not - now you can approach them and you can say, "we're so glad to include you on our website your content your events your business information, is there anything else we can do to help you market your business?"

So, we're gonna have a lot more coming about this integration and about how this works for you but we wanted you to be excited to know that there is a path forward for you to become more resourceful for your community while putting forth less work and effort and plate spinning on your own end.

If you have any questions as always we're here to help you.

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