Get to Know Family Features Webinar - Free Print & Digital Content for Your Publication (Updated)

Looking to fill your publication or website with quality content?

Want access to free food & lifestyle content for print or online?

Family Features provides free articles, images, videos, infographics and more that appeal to digital and print audiences alike.

Their high-quality, editorial content is crafted according to Associated Press standards and features timely, relevant themes within the food, lifestyle and home and garden categories and we're proud to incorporate Family Features into our publisher website platform for easy or automated use.

We sat down with Michael French, President and CFO at Family Features, to explore real-world examples of local publishers using their content online and in print. It was also great to hear what's new since our last webinar with Family Features back in 2019... notably, video content has grown.

You'll learn how to access the content, how to localize it (if you'd like), and how you can add it to your website automatically.

Spoiler: when you work with Locable Publisher Network you'll save even more time automatically through our integration.

See how you can incorporate Family Features Content in your publication...

or explore our Community Content Engineā„¢ to improve your website & grow revenue?

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