A Note on Print Publishers & Sales People Selling Digital

Why sell a $200 digital ad when I can sell a $1200 print ad?

This is a common question or argument local print publishers give about why they don't want adopt selling digital advertising and promotion. But, that's not really how things work. When you go out to eat at a restaurant you probably don't choose between an entrée, an appetizer, and dessert.

Print isn't dying but print only businesses are

It's effective approach for print publisher selling digital is to view visual offerings as an appetizer and dessert sales approach.

In fact, if you already have existing print advertisers adding digital add-ons is your fastest path to growing revenue. Like the restaurant analogy, asking if they want to see the dessert menu is a fast no or a fast yes.

They already like you, trust you, and do business with you and now you have something new for them to consider.

With this mindset, you deliver more value in a more complete experience for your clients while adding more revenue is significantly more profitable in the process.

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