Calendar and Directory

A community website should be a powerful resource and that means a robust calendar and an effective, multi-use directory of local businesses & nonprofits

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You deserve a Community Calendar and Business Directory that incorporates user-generated content, information imported from 3rd party sources, efficient moderation, monetization options that you can sell, and a foundation for engagement features


Locable Calendar

Our Community Calendar components enable you to accomplish a lot with minimal effort, a few highlights include:

  • Automatically pull in events to your calendar based on your location thanks to our integrations (read the announcement)
  • Reverse publish (export) events for use in print
  • Allow businesses, groups and non-profits to post their own events for free or add your own
  • Curate and monetize events with the featured events option
  • Automatically link events to directory listings to facilitate greater engagement and improve SEO
  • Allow people to look up events anywhere including nearby locations


Locable Places Directory

Our Business Directory is a resource but also underpins a number of high-value, revenue-generating features such as:

  • Get notified when a business claims their listing thanks to our listings-to-leads feature
  • Create unlimited thematic directory guides to present collections of listings in valuable ways such as Mother's Day Guide, Back to School Guide, Advertisers, etc
  • Monetize the directory through listing upgrades and guide sponsorships
  • Automatically pull in listings to your directory based on your location
  • Listings automatically feature related events, articles, contests and more
  • Leverage listings with Content Sponsorships, Community Sponsors, Social Promotions and more
The Calendar and Directory are Fully Integrated with Locable's Marketing Platform Making Your Job of Maintaining a Robust Calendar & Directory Easier Than Ever!

Sure, you can create a calendar and directory on all sorts of website platforms but only the Community Content Engine provides the tools to automate cross-linking, spotlight-related articles, sponsored content, events, offers and more.

Every local event, by definition, has a local venue thus when the venue is a business it's included in our directory automatically with a reference back to the event.

Our Engagement Module leverages business information to enable you to run sponsored giveaways, polls and Reader's Choice Awards.

Do you have articles that reference businesses or want to insert event previews including the image, preformatted title, description and links?

It couldn't be easier with our built-in Listing Tagging and Content Snippet Generator features.

These powerful tools make your content richer while dramatically improving search engine optimization, content discovery, and social media sharing... not to mention... your page views increase and you SHOW MORE ADS!

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Do you run a Reader's Choice or "Best-Of" contest?

With our Engagement Module, you can run them natively which leverages the directory as a foundation. Included are our Polling and Giveaway (run both Contests and Sweepstakes) Features.

Locable's web platform for local marketing, cross-promotion, and collaboration is linked to the Community Content Engine allowing local events and other content posted by local businesses and nonprofits to appear on your website automatically without posting to your site directly.