Community Sponsorships

Who Buys the Community Sponsorship Package

The Community Sponsorship Package designed specifically for early movers and those who want to be known for giving back to/supporting their community.

It intentionally provides an incredible amount of value at a very reasonable price which makes it harder for advertisers to say no. It also allows you to generate a solid stream of recurring revenue that you can leverage to continue to build your digital presence.

This is a good fit for banks, financial advisors, lawyers, insurance brokers, restaurants, hotels, and real estate agents among others.

This is not a good fit for everyone - it is a recognition play more than a straight promotional package so only target local leaders with the Community Sponsorship Package.

Recommended Package

You have some flexibility here but we've seen publishers have a lot of success with the following:

  • The sponsor's logo in the footer of every page of your site with a link to a Featured Directory Listing for their business
  • A Snapshot Banner Ad (300x125px - Although you are free to offer any size/type you'd like)
  • Recognition in your email newsletter (logo with a link to their listing on your site)
  • Regular promotion online - This could be sponsored content, advertorial, featured events, Facebook shares, etc.
  • Print Publishers - we strongly recommend a page or spread per our Business Basics recognition of digital activities in print with Community Sponsor's logos and other information (we cover Business Basics and leveraging print & digital in more detail in the Audience Development chapter).
Example of Business Basics page in print:

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