Content Snippets, Listing Tagging & Cross-Linking

Repurposing content as well as internal linking - or cross-linking - creates a great user experience and is a secret weapon to help you rank higher on Google (SEO) and get more page views per visit.
"[I] just wanted to say how much I love your Content Snippet tool... With our budget being very tight right now, we can't afford to spend a lot of resources on generating new, relevant content so this has allowed us to take what we already have and re-purpose it in new ways. We're also encouraging publishers to do the same on their sites and set up these pages as Sponsored Content opportunities. 
I have said so many times how screwed we would be right now if it wasn't for our move to Locable :)" - Rachael Oppy, Digital Content Director, Natural Awakenings

Look up content

While creating an article simply look up the existing content you'd like to create a Snippet for

Insert prepackaged snippet

Once published, your pre-packaged snippet is properly formatted and linked
The Internet is called the World-Wide-Web, quickly create a web on your own website

Articles regularly refer to businesses, event information or event other articles - now you can drop in pre-packaged content snippets that include images, titles, descriptions, and links with just a couple of clicks.

This linking is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it gives greater exposure to the directory, makes listings look better and helps increase page views and overall site value. Also, when you tag businesses the article will appear on their directory listings.

As a local content website, you know how important having a great calendar of events can be but it's not enough just to have a lot of events or other content, you want to show them off. A weekly preview of prominent, fun, irreverent or otherwise noteworthy events is a great way to build content & serious SEO value on your site while also providing great fodder for social media and email campaigns. 

Cross-Linking Made Easy

Quickly Creating Listicles from Existing Content

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