Directory Guides & Featured Listings

Guides and Listings are closely related functions that provide a great opportunity to help local businesses get more recognition and rank better on Google.

Guides, which are a simple way of organizing listings into a key resource for the community, provide a great Sponsorships opportunity for advertisers to associate themselves with a given topic, i.e. a hotel sponsoring a Destination Guide. 

Good prospects include hotels, event venues, museums, and restaurants among others.

Key Components

  • Logo/Recognition on the Guide
  • Inclusion in the Guide (should it make sense)
  • A Premium Directory Listing
  • Regular and ongoing promotion on Facebook and in your email newsletter

Recommended Guides

  • Dining Guide - A list of local restaurants that you recommend
  • Activities Guide - Recommendations on things to do in your area like museums, parks, recreation facilities, etc.
  • Professional Services Guide - A list of local Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Health Professionals, etc.
  • Entertainment Guide - A list of things to do at night including bars, concert venues and other nightlife activities
  • Destination Guide - A list of resources for tourists including hotels, landmarks, transportation, etc.
  • Advertisers Guide - A list of all advertisers you endorse and support

Recommended Pricing

We recommend that each guide sponsorship be sold for at least $100/month.

Your current traffic as well as growth overtime will affect your pricing.

The Pitch

Focus on the fact that local guides are important in helping people decide “what to do” and what you’ll do to promote it (Facebook, email, articles, etc.)

The Add-On Sale

While we don't recommend that you charge businesses for inclusion in the guides, so you can be sure to curate a complete resource for your readers, there is still a great opportunity to up-sell them to a Featured Listing.

Unlike other directories like Yelp, as a publisher, you are uniquely able to provide more context by cross-linking articles to directory listings, sharing info on Facebook, and highlighting them in print which tends to mean their listing on your site ranks quite well in Google.

For a recommended $240/year, Featured Listings provide you with a more passive sales opportunity that can be included as an add-on for print advertisers and allows business to showcase themselves on your site (and for you to more easily promote them).

With the Community Content Engine, Featured Listings include:

  • A listing in the directory with all basic business information such as logo, description, phone number, address, and website as well as a listing of related articles, events and offers
  • The ability to add a Tagline, Owners Welcome Message, Video, social links, and additional external links
  • Priority presence in the directory, featured more prominently then other non-premium listings
  • Being automatically featured on the homepage of your website

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