Facebook Live Sales Incentive Package

Are you looking for a way to sweeten the pot and add enthusiasm for your advertisers?

There are a number of things you can do to add more value, giving ads away is never something we recommend but giving away other exposure can be a win-win.

The reality is that everyone can use more exposure - including you - so let's do something about it.

Do a "Facebook Live" with advertisers at their business

For advertisers of a certain size - perhaps they have a print ad, their spend exceeds a certain dollar amount etc - do a Facebook live at their business.

This can be you - the publisher - it can be the sales rep, social media manager or whoever wants to do it.

Now, doing a Live is fine but let's get some mileage out of this effort.

This isn't about the Facebook-Live it's about the process.

First, promote the upcoming Facebook Live via email and your Facebook page. This provides more touchpoints with locals for you and your advertiser.

  • When you go live, be sure to tag the business and any other participants
  • Have some questions to ask... What do you wish people knew about your business? and What something people often assume about your businesses that isn't true? Other good options include favorite products, new options etc.
  • Write a recap article after the Facebook-Live to highlight things not addressed in the Live, share pictures, and embed the video onto your website
  • Promote the recap article via email and Facebook

Use this as an example for future sales and reference in print if applicable.

Next Lesson:  Wrapping Up