Facebook Tips & Tricks

Facebook like other social media is a channel to distribute your content and engage your audience.

Going back to 2013, the average Facebook page post reached just 6% of their audience and reach dropped to 2.6% by 2015 - this means, for example, a page with 1000 followers would reach just 26 people with an average post.

Despite the average post limitations, quality posts could still "go viral" in some capacity through sharing and engagement yet the competition to get in front of people on their newsfeed continued to grow.

Good content is one thing but set yourself up for success with these tips:

  1. Don't share naked
  2. Don't forget the Ego Bait
  3. Don't forget to schedule posts out
  4. Don't boost most posts - only boost the winners or paid posts
Don't Share Naked

Every share to social media should include a custom message.

When you share content and don't add a personalized message it feels like a bot posted it and, as a result, people don't tend to engage with the content very much. This, of course, means the content doesn't reach very many people and if it doesn't reach people then what's the point?

Don't forget the Ego Bait

When you write your custom message on shares be sure to tag businesses or organizations referenced in the content. Use the @ sign and start typing their name as shown below.

Once you've tagged the appropriate pages, you'll see something that looks like the image below.

Dealing with Problems You May Encounter

First, your lookup may not always find the person or page you're looking for. If you're having trouble, try locating their page and attempt to use their specific Username in your lookup (see example) - sometimes the username is very different from the business name.

Next, the person or page may have privacy settings such that they don't allow being tagged. If this is the case, you're out of luck and your best bet is to complete your post then share the post directly with their page by visiting their page and clicking Message if that is enabled.

Finally, what happens when you tag a person or page?

Unless they have disabled alerts, they will be notified that you tagged them when they next sign into Facebook and, potentially, via email.

The goal, of course, is that they will be encouraged to share the post with their audience and thus you reach more people.

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