Introduction to Marketing Services

Offering Digital Services Delivers More Value and Protects Your Core Business

Small businesses are often lost in our digital world and then suffer from no website, a poor website, or a website that simply doesn't deliver.

You're in a position to help them with their website presence and other fundamental marketing activities that are critical to an effective marketing strategy.
     You may be thinking, "it' not worth my time!"

To be clear, you and your team do not need to provide said services. A later lecture will explore different options including Locable's Partner Program and you can drive revenue and deliver today even if you have zero web traffic.

You have a moral obligation to try and help if you take money for advertising.

Advertising with you online and in print drives web traffic to your advertiser's website by interest customers.  If their foundation is bad then you can have an effective ad that doesn't lead to clients.  That's bad news for them and irresponsible of you.

If you take their money for advertising and don't try to help them improve their website and presence, you're stealing from them!

Helping with services protects your advertising relationship.

Your advertisers need help and many of them know it!  If they don't get their presence worked out, not only will they claim that "advertising with you doesn't work," but they may actually go out of business. 

Alternatively, they may hire a marketing firm to assist them.

What do you think that firm is likely going to do after helping them improve their website? They are going to come after your clients ad spend with you.

     "You still do print advertising? Do people even read that anymore? You can't track that, it's expensive, etc. I've got this shiny object that is
     just 1/3rd the price."

If you're able to assist with digital services, you protect your core business by boxing out would-be competitors.

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