Introduction to Simplifying Sales

Knowing what to sell is Step 1 - Knowing how to sell it is where the rubber meets the road

  • We don't have enough traffic
  • Our sales team isn't technical
  • Our market or advertisers aren't interested in digital

These are a few of the lies publishers tell themselves - and us - about why they don't sell.

You don't have to boil the ocean

Most publishers that we work with tell us their initial goal is to add $2-3k/mo in recurring digital revenue and grow from there.

No problem!

The Community Sponsorship program should provide at least $2k/mo in recurring revenue (the bottom row in the graphic above).

In the graphic above (orange is monthly while purple is a one-off or one-time campaign activity), you can grow to $66k systematically through a handful of Social Promotions and a single key advertiser across 10 prominent local industries. You'll learn more about what comprises these industry-friendly packages in a couple of lessons.

And growing one step at a time is the key - you don't need any major accounts, lucky breaks, or anything other than a couple of sales a month each month for a year.

Does traffic matter?

Sure. More traffic - all else being equal - means more value but zero traffic doesn't mean you don't have anything valuable to sell.

For example, Sponsored Content and Social Promotions make their own magic in that the content can be created and distributed successfully without an existing audience base.

Selling from Go

This section will share proven ways to sell effectively and honestly while laying a foundation for growth.

We'll share ways that non-techie salespeople can sell digital things to non-techie clients and discover new needs and opportunities for you to deliver value.

Next Lesson:  The Competition & Understanding Client Needs