Introduction to Web Content

Just in case it wasn't clear

If you aren't already making some money from digital, make sure you start with the Sales section above. We're firm believers that you should sell first and deliver later.

If you were starting a new print publication, you wouldn't spend months creating content and laying out the magazine and spend money to print and mail out your publication without selling atleast a few advertisers to help cover the cost, so why would you do that online?

You might do a small mockup and use that as a visual to close some business so you should do the same with your website.

In other words, do the bear minimum to get your site live and have something to show and then go sell some Community Sponsors. Remember, it's all about the vision sale.

Once you've got that first few hundred dollars in the bank, then come back here and work on delivering a great product!

Ready? Let's dive in...

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