Leveraging Print to Drive Traffic - And Sales

Your print product can do so much more

Often we see that print publishers think that including their URL on the magazine's spine or on their Masthead constitutes promoting their digital presence - it does not.

However, there are some other easy things you can do which we show in the video above to grow traffic... and help you sell ;)

Business Basics

It's also important to highlight your website in print and to promote your online advertisers. This is another form of cross linking that helps you drive readers from print to the web so they can continue to engage with your brand in-between print issues.

What to include on your business basics page?

  • Top Online Content (Online Exclusives)
  • Community Sponsors
  • Guides
  • Call-to-Action to subscribe to email and follow on social media
  • Three to See (Events from your calendar with a call-to-action to view full calendar
  • Upcoming Social Promotions and/or Past Winners
  • Upgraded listings

Next Lesson:  Email Newsletter Considerations & Growing Lists