Social Promotions

Social Promotions Drive Revenue and Grow Your Audience

When run the right way, promotions can help you build your email list and your Facebook audience while also making money through sponsorships.

"Comment Below" doesn't cut it

The value proposition for the sponsors is tied in part to helping them build their email list. As long as your entry form for the contest has the appropriate disclaimers telling entrants that the list will be shared with sponsors and gives them the option to opt-out without affecting their chances of winning then you can safely do this.

In addition, you would handle running the promotion including design, setup, and promotion in order to deliver value to the sponsors.

What To Include

In addition to collecting emails with an opt-in option on the entry form, all giveaways should also include the following:

  • The sponsor's logo with a link to their website on the entry page
  • A banner ad and site modal (popup) on your website promoting the contest (with sponsors logos)
  • An email blast announcing the contest (with sponsor logos)
  • Confirmation emails for all entries (with sponsor logos)
  • A Facebook post (or multiple depending on the length) promoting the contest that includes tagging each sponsor
  • And most importantly Facebook ads boosting the posts on Facebook

The last point is particularly important, especially for sites with smaller audiences, as Facebook ads allow you to guarantee a good outcome. As little as $50 to $100 in Facebook advertising can drive 100's of entries and email opt-ins in addition to expanding your reach to new people. This both ensures you can report good results to sponsors but also helps you build your Facebook following and email list in the process.

Pricing The Support Local Way

While there are many ways to run a social promotion, we recommend running what we call a Support Local style promotion. The idea is that each promotion will have 5-10 sponsors who will pay you $100-200 cash plus a $100 gift card that will be used as the prize. This makes it super affordable for your advertisers to participate

Recommended Social Promotions

Our favorite & most successful giveaways are:

  • Valentine's Day Giveaway (Feb)
  • Mother's Day Giveaway (May)
  • Summer Ticket Giveaway (July)*
  • Holiday Shopping Spree Giveaway(Nov/Dec)

*For this promotion, the prizes can be "freebie" tickets you receive from any venues instead of gift cards from the sponsors making it perfect for a business that can't give away a product like a Real Estate Agent or Financial Advisor

The Pitch

Focus on that it’s an inexpensive way to build your email list that provides high ROI.

    What is an email address worth to a sponsor? 
    If every time the sponsor sends an email, 1% of recipients spend $50, then every 100     emails is worth $50 to them. If they send an email once per month for a year, then 100     emails is worth $600 to them ($50 x 12). Is that worth an investment of $100 to $200?

Other Types of Social Promotions

Restaurant & Retailer Weekly Giveaways

Readers Choice

Voting Based

Holiday Themed

  • Christmas Tree
  • Santa Pictures / Scared of Santa
  • Ugly Sweater
  • Holiday Photos - father’s day, mother’s (Mommy & Me), valentine, easter, prom, 4th of July, graduation, Holiday Lights, Halloween etc

Personal & Lifestyle

  • Biggest Loser / Weightloss
  • Most needed makeover
  • Cutest Kid
  • Cutest Dog
  • Best local craft
  • Photo Contest - seasonally themed
  • Parent/ Kid look-alike
  • Recipe w photo - seasonal
  • Poetry or Essay contests - themed
  • Share your love story / cutest couple
  • Wedding Photos / why you should win…
  • 80’s photo contest / bad high school picture
  • Drawing/art
  • Mancave Makeover / kitchen cabinet/ need a roof / grimey grill / bathroom
  • Best un-named themed outfit
  • Ugliest Car
  • Best Staycation Ideas
  • Best Local Daytrip
  • Best Rainy Day Afternoon Idea
  • Best thing-to-do when you need to get out of the house with your kids


  • Holidays & Summer vacations - local prize or win a vacation
  • Disneyland memories or other local destinations
  • Beat the heat
  • Staying warm
  • Best Snowman / Sandcastle
  • Hunting/fishing contests
  • Garden Contest / Best Blooms
  • Action Sports Photo / Ski
  • Upcoming concert theme / biggest fan

Student, School, or Community

  • Drawing or art
  • Do-Good contest (picking up trash, building houses, tutoring) - beneficiaries are the causes
  • Teacher of the month
  • Local athlete of the week/month or Year write-ins
  • Calendar Contest - then print & distribute said calendar
  • “Local” Favorites or How-You-Support-Local
  • Biggest Local High School, College, Pro fan - Fan Frenzy
  • Weekly Football Score/Over-under or other big game-related predictions
  • Why do you love ____________
  • Cover girl/family - for magazine or advertiser
  • Blogger Contest

Social Promotion Checklist

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