Sponsored Content

Sponsors Content is a broad topic

There tends to be a lot of confusion about Sponsored Content. Often, people immediately think of "advertorials" which are a type of sponsored content but those aren't generally the things we find most interesting.

There are a number of ways to do this very well and to make it feel like your content is selling out, we'll help you avoid the latter and introduce:

  1. Articles
  2. Guides
  3. Featured events
  4. Preparing to Pitch
  5. Why it works - Long term SEO benefit with initial boost

At the end of the day, Sponsored Content is a long-term investment by local businesses to demonstrate their values and affinities while they provide you with new content that reinforces your value to readers.

While fulfilling does take some effort I will assume you're ok with doing a little work when you're getting paid, growing your audience, and strengthening your relationships with local businesses.


Medical & Wellness

Relevant recurring columns include: Outdoor Activities Guide, Sports, Road Tripping, Locally Adoptable Pets

Real Estate & Development

Relevant recurring columns include: Local Places and Green Spaces, Trending Spots, Things to Do, Real Estate Roundup and more

Furniture & Interior Design

Relevant recurring columns include: Trending Topics, Home Interiors, Family and more

Restaurants & Hotels

Relevant recurring columns include: Editor’s Picks Events, Travel, Top 5’s, Local Places, Nonprofit/Local Causes Profiles and more

Auto & Boat Dealers

Relevant recurring columns include: Road Tripping, Staycations, Local Places, Things To Do and more 

Custom Columns

Can create custom columns based on the industry and interest of the sponsor.

SPCA – Pet of the Week

PTA – News and Views

Faith – Passage of the Week

Sports – Local HS Beat

Economic Dev - “Downtown Watch”

Listicles Can Repeat Seasonally or as Needed

Pumpkin Patch Guide

Best Day/Weekend Trips

Entertainment Guide

Dining Guide

Gift Guides

Camps Guide

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