Welcome to The 21st Century Local Publisher Course

Everything You Need To Know To Build a Profitable Digital Media Presence for Local Magazines, Newspapers, Radio Stations and Online-Only Publishers

Course Overview

Built on more than a decade of working with hundreds of local publishers, this course gives you the inside track to filling the critical role of local media in your community.

The course enables you to walk in the footprint of success - you're in control but not on your own - and 
will help you build a foundation that will work in every market and every niche (though your pricing or your content strategy may vary).

Plus, as new platforms and social media channels emerge, those will also build on this foundation.

The course focuses on three primary topics:

  1. A Repeatable Revenue Strategy - Local media businesses can drive revenue in multiple ways that go far beyond display banner ads.
  2. Authentic Compelling Content - Information about local places-and-faces is incredibly valuable yet surprisingly simple to create.
  3. Audience Development Made Easy - Reaching locals is the last-mile of local media, we'll simplify the content distribution so Internet fragmentation is less painful.

Local publishers can drive more revenue online and in print, grow their audience, and deliver more value by incorporating a few simple activities. We'll cover:

  • Real-world examples to monetize digital activities
  • How to effectively grow audience & engagement
  • Simple steps to leverage print & digital
  • Working smarter, not harder with Marketing 3-4-5™ Distribution techniques for Publishers
  • Using Social Promotions to bolster core activities

It's time to drive revenue, grow traffic, and make a greater impact in your community. Feel free to go in order or jump around...let's get started!